Monday, April 26, 2010


So our baby is supposed to be coming early, we've been told for 5 weeks now that she will be here early. 3cm and 100% effaced... it doesn't mean a thing...! Even if she came this week, she'd still be 4 weeks premature, but we are ready for it. Tenisha is going crazy on bed rest. She wants to "Nest" but can't, and I don't think males were cut out for the nesting part of having a child... : )
I can't wait to tell everyone what her name is... Tenisha has it under lock and key mostly. I was able to tell a few people close to me, but I had to be covert. lives may be lost if word gets out before she is born..
I will update the blog once she is here. Tenisha may not have the time or energy for a little bit...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Finally a break and Update!

Yes, I am done until next year with school!!! I loved going to school but I have been super busy and so it's nice to have a little breather.  
My house is in need of much needed attention and organization. The weekend before Thanksgiving our bedroom flooded and so they had to tear out our ceiling, walls and carpet and for 3 weeks we have been sleeping in our front room on couches. Exciting and fun let me tell you. We pretty much had no privacy while having our landlord come in and out of our apartment let alone the men doing the construction. Anyways, they just finished with putting a room together yesterday so now we can have our room back. 

Last weekend our family went done to the festival of trees. I haven't been done there for so long and I can't believe how big it has gotten. I took a picture of a couple trees. I am so glad that they do this to help those families that need help and also for sharing loved ones memories.

For all those who love Twilight you will enjoy this tree. There were a few that had the Twilight theme, but this was the best one hands down.
                                                                           This tree would be nice for all of those shoe lovers like me.

This one as one of the most creative one there. The tree is actually shot gun shells split in half. Crazy I know! What a creative person for coming up with this idea.

A family tradition of ours is that we get together with my moms family and drive out to Willard to look at the lights. It allways fun to get together with the family. We are growing in age and in numbers and it's crazy how time flies so qucik. I remember when some of these boys were babies and now the are all grown up. It also wasn't long ago when little Maddi was just a baby.

I am a wimp when it comes to the cold so I stayed in the truck while a majority every one else rode in the back and enjoyed the breeze.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weber State Great,Great,Great!

Want to know why I have been such a slacker? This is why. I am a full time student at Weber State. I can't believe how fast time flies when all you do is go to work, school and then the rest of the night work on homework. I really can say I love school and wish I would have done it sooner. Also, I was promoted at work to the Registrar and I can honestly say that I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Trying to juggle that and school has been the journey the last few months. Now you know were I disappeared to. I am trying to manage my time better so that I can dedicate my time to my fellow bloggers and also be able to post my blogs. In the next few days I hope to update with what else I have been up to.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Memory Lane

I am glad to see this post, I think it's a fun way to remember things that you might have forgotten from the past.

Here is a fun little game... leave a comment on my blog of a memory that you and I have had together. It doesn't matter if you've known me for a short time or a long time, anything that you remember! Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It is pretty funny to read the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you are playing and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. On your mark... get set... blog those memories

Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Night,& Hair 911!

For Father's Day my brother and sister-in-law put in a fire pit in my father-in-laws pasture, so we decided to have a cook out on Friday. We had a lot of fun and it was nice not to have to travel far to have s'mores and roasted hot dogs, also to mention not having to pay ridiculous gas prices.

I love being able hang out by the fire and have a good s'more.

Now to my next blog, I am having a really hard time deciding whether to grow my hair out or keep it short. I have had my hair in three stages, long ,medium, and short , and I can't decide which one I like the best. Look at all four photos and help me decide which one I should go with. Also, I am trying to think of a new color for my hair, if you have any suggestions let me know. Please vote!

Friday, May 30, 2008


This guy is so amazing, he was on So You Think You Can Dance. He is definitely one of the best ones I have seen. Anyways, I wanted to post it so you can be as entertained as I was. Watch the whole thing, it really is amazing.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tag and Welcome Home!!

I got tagged to tell you about Jason, now let's see how well I know him..

A-ATV of choice? A Motorcycle,

B - Born? March 2

C-Cookies or Candy? Chocolate Chip Cookies. Actually he prefers the dough.

D-Date of Choice when you go out? Movies, he would like to take me fishing and hunting

E-Essential Item? He really wouldn’t have one, if he could he would live in the middle of no where so he can hunt, wait never mind he would want his gun.

F-Favorite Foods? Mexican

G-Gas or Diesel vehicle? Now days gas

H-Hobbies? Soccer, Hunting

I-Ice Cream Flavor? Anything with Chocolate, I am more of an ice cream person then he is.

J-Job? Child Protective Services

K-Kids? Just him

L-Last Vacation as a couple? This month to Vegas for our anniversary.

M-Morning person or night owl? Night Owl, He would rather stay up and play x box and watch movies, then be able to sleep in.

N-Number of Siblings? 2 sisters, he had an older brother who past a way as an infant.

O-OCD or sloppy? Definitely sloppy

P-Pet Peeves? Me going shopping to just look around, and also him following me while I am shopping.

Q-Quiet or Loud? He can be both

R-Restaurant? Chili’s, EL Paral, Ooh and a place that can serve good Sushi

S-Sports? He likes all sports, really he can watch all of them and be interested in them. He love soccer, he played pretty much is whole life on school and comp teams.

T-Tight wad or spender? He is not tight but he is not a spender either.

U-Unknown Fact about him? We always make fun of him that he can’t use a knife for the fact he has cut himself 2 and had to get stitches.

V-Vegetables? Any

W- Worst Habit? Leaving his clothes on the floor , and leaving dishes in the leaving room and not taking them to the sink when I know for a fact he passes the kitchen all the time.

X-Xtra Curricular activities in high school? Soccer

Y-Your favorite things about him? He is witty and really smart. He will do anything for me and not try to complain. He works hard and he is so spiritual. There are some many favorite things , I am so grateful that he is my husband and we will be together forever.

Z-Zodiac Sign? Pisces

I tag anyone that has yet to do this tag.

Also, I am so excited to have my sister come back home from Montana, she will be moving back on June 8th. We are so excited to have Ella closer, and I guess Brandon and Megan. ;)